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BX-101 Batch Test Unit Operating Description

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The BX-101 batch test unit is designed to generate representative samples and generate design data for cross-flow micro-filtration and low pressure ultra-filtration solid-liquid filtration applications. Micro-filtration modules available from several vendors offer separations of particles as small as 0.01 micrometers (10 nanometers, 100 angstrom). Both vertical designs for small footprint and horizontal designs for low overhead dimensions are available.

Cross-flow filtration uses flow tangent to the filter surface for sweeping to reduce particle collection on the filtration surface. This fluid shear at the surface reduces fouling rates normally associated with direct filtration of micro-fine particles. Filtered particles are stripped from the wall by the cross flow and returned to the feed stream so the particle concentration in the feed sample rises as the filtrate is withdrawn.

To run a batch, the BX-101 feed tank is filled with feed solution and sealed. The main circulation pump is started and the system is pressurized using nitrogen or other suitable gas. The heater is activated to raise the temperature to the proper operating condition. As filtrate is withdrawn from the filtration module the feed volume drops and the concentration of particles in the feed increases. When minimum volume of the system is reached, the pressure and temperature are reduced, the unit is shut off and the feed can be drained. By comparing the original feed, the now-concentrated feed (concentrate) and filtrate one can gauge the effectiveness of the filtration done.

By operating the unit at different pressures, temperatures, cross-flow velocities and concentrate concentrations, a map of filtration rate (flux) performance can be generated. From this map preliminary system designs can be generated and priced from systems suppliers.

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