T&T Solutions, Inc. develops advanced liquid filtration systems and improves energy use for industrial and commercial clients.

Cooperative Partners

Through our cooperative partners T&T Solutions provides a wide range of services that focus on energy and resource conservation and green technology.  When chemical, mechanical, process, electrical, structural or managerial disciplines are needed, let us shape and manage the team to give you the economical solution.

Magma Resources

Anthony V. Metzner, Principal

Over a span of 30 plus years, and on an international scale, Magma Resources has been actively engaged in applied chemistry and systems design in the fields of process and separations technologies. Solutions providing and new technology development have ranged from aqueous and organic membrane separations and membrane reforming to hydrogen, through electromagnetic radiation effects on separations, bioconversion, and the recovery of water, thermal and chemical values.



Tops Engineering

Ross Topliff, Principal

Tops Engineering represents over 30 years of professional engineering experience providing designs, specifications, construction and installation supervision, and startup and project engineering/management services in food, medical device and related industries, cogeneration, continuous and batch chemical processing. In capital projects as large as $4 million our improved steam supply and condensate systems, HVAC upgrades, and bio-gas co-generation (CHP) operations have resulted in consistent positive economic returns for clients.





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