T&T Solutions, Inc. develops advanced liquid filtration systems and improves energy use for industrial and commercial clients.


T&T Solutions, Inc. offers an array of services to assist and guide development of applications from initial concept through design, testing, and implementation. We create customized solutions for industrial clients interested in utilizing advanced liquid filtration techniques to enable or enhance their processes.

Through our partners network, we supply economical general engineering solutions for your project from concept to installation.


This includes test plans for customer implementation or on-site testing services. T&T Solutions offers a standard batch test system suitable for obtaining test data and generating product samples for analysis and trial runs in both aqueous and non-aqueous environments. We provide customized test equipment available for manufacturing according to clients’ specifications.

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Membrane System Engineering

T&T Solutions provides application engineering and economic feasibility analysis based on test data and application details. Although it is our goal and capability to provide customized applications at a low cost, if economic gateway analysis indicates the venture’s potential profitability has dissipated, the client has access to accurate information based on our constant evaluation and may exercise the option to discontinue the application development to ensure resource recovery.

Engineering and Technical Services for the New Economy

Through our network of cooperative partners T&T Solutions provides a a wide range of services that focus on energy and resource conservation and green technology.  When chemical, mechanical, process, electrical, structural or managerial disciplines are needed, let us shape and manage the team to give you the economical solution. .

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System Performance Monitoring

We continue to oversee and analyze full-scale system data to ensure maximum ongoing performance.

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