T&T Solutions, Inc. develops advanced liquid filtration systems and improves energy use for industrial and commercial clients.


T&T Solutions, Inc. specializes in developing and designing advanced liquid filtration systems for industrial clients.

Filtration Spectrum

Liquid filtration covers a continuous range of technologies varying from molecular filtration (reverse osmosis) to conventional particle removal (screens and beds). Molecule separations performed with semi-permeable membranes may utilize charge effects, osmotic characteristics, variances in specie solubility, surface tension, and other thermodynamic and chemical effects to achieve the desired separation. Conventional filters exploit the geometric characteristics of particles and screens to prevent the passage of particles but allow the passage of liquids. The intermediate filtration technologies, including nano-filtration (NF), ultra-filtration (UF), and micro-filtration (MF), can rely on combinations of both geometric and thermodynamic mechanisms to achieve the separation.

For example, reverse osmosis membranes are routinely used to convert seawater and brackish water to potable status. Nano-filters and ultra-filters that remove larger molecular species are routinely used to eliminate unwanted constituents from our tap water. Micro-filtration is an increasingly common industrial filtration method for improving chemical and petroleum processes.

As the separated specie becomes smaller, the capacity of a given unit of filtration area (whether RO, NF, UF, or conventional) usually decreases, and the driving energy that effects the separation (generally pressure) increases. These factors profoundly affect system costs. Careful selection of the filtration type is necessary to produce an economical result.

T&T Solutions offers access to this technology and the test equipment needed for the application development that can enhance your processes.

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